"I started using the gx5 and I'm noticed..."

Ally & Steph

A tremendous difference in my workout. Whether it's my glute activation to my form of being perfect and making sure that I'm getting the right workouts in. I personally don't have the best form in all my workouts. So using these really help to accentuate make sure I'm hitting all the right forms because crazy it's just working out with the GX5 so you can really tell the shift between how the weight goes from your quads to my booty like I could.

The gx5 you can feel the activation right away


If you don't have it and you're also gonna get a lot more of your set with the GX5. You're gonna see results quicker. Also instead of focusing on the quads a lot of what's your Empire and to see the transmission?

it's such an amazing product, that it's so simple


One of the biggest complaints that my clients have is how when they're squatting or their lunging they don't fill their glutes and they feel more the activation in their thighs. And so one of the things that has definitely been a struggle is having clients turning on their glutes and activating more through glutes instead of their quads after using the GX5.

I've been doing squats and lunges for years.


But with the GX5 you really don't have to think about your form and you can really tell within a couple of minutes.

This will be my best friend


Recently, I've discovered this very unique exotic ergonomic and I dare say revolutionary. Training tool and today I just wanted to try it out. My job today was to debunk the myths about wha tthis thing can do. I'm a contrarian by nature, but that's what scientists do. I'm a sports scientist. I like to

It just doesn't compare to doing that with the GX5


I feel like you can focus more on your glutes rather than your quads and it just it's just so much easier to get that glute activation if someone is having a hard time, like if someone comes up to me and says like I'm just having a rough time like feeling the glute activation in like lunges and squats and stuff. I would for sure recommend the gx5 because it it just totally just fires up your glutes without really focusing on it. It does the work for you.

I absolutely love it.

Bri and Kara

I feel like it's changed my workouts. I feel like normally it always like all the weight goes to my quads and this it just burns my booty out so fast, totally I'm Really uncoordinated naturally, so coming to the gym can always be like hard especially because I'm so quad dominant.

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Nick C.

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